Stories of Italian Excellences

Publisher by Electa

PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Giovanni Gastel
TEXTS BY: Andrea Kerbaker
PAGES: 332
PRICE: 200 euro
EDITIONS: Italian and English
IN THE BOOKSTORES: September 2013

In collaboration with Acqua di Parma, Electa announces the forthcoming publication of a book dedicated to the Nobility of Making: twenty-three stories of Italian excellences – craft workshops, art academies and music conservatories, consortia and foundations – which passionately nurture Italian cultural and artistic traditions. A journey into the culture of beauty, a path leading through an Italy with a flair for creating, exploring the arts and crafts that enhance the value of people and their products. In his Introduction, to the volume Enrico Colle writes: "A tradition of craftsmanship with its roots in the Middle Ages grew steadily during the Renaissance and the following centuries ... always maintaining a high level of quality workmanship coupled with an ingenious use of the common raw materials transformed into art ... The distinguishing feature of Italian craft production in all fields ... is ... the ability to create magnificent works in which the materials, subdued by art, stir the admiration of critics and art patrons.” The photographs specially taken for the volume by Giovanni Gastel, capture the essence and flavor of skilled “making,” in the lightness of dance as in the materiality of stone. They explore intense faces, revealing the secrets of ancient craft techniques, and recount astonishing artifacts. Specially selected for the volume are twenty-three of the most significant accounts of Italy creativity, which all share in a noble tradition and an outstanding artisanal vocation that, taken together, convey to the reader the exceptional variety of craft skills that for thousands of years have been preserved in Italy through the passion and skill of craft workers and professionals. The twenty–three stories are recounted by the pen of Andrea Kerbaker, who gives us the voices of the protagonists: they include Pinin Brambilla Barcilon, Renzo Piano, Marco Magnifico, Mimmo Paladino, Uto Ughi, as well as Maurizio Baglini, Daniele Gatti, Stefano Conia, the Marinelli brothers, Luca Litrico and many others. The rigor of the book’s graphic design, the inclusion of refined materials, technical elements crafted by hand in the service of the outstanding textual content and magnificent photographs all combine to make this volume an example of the Italian “Nobility of Making.”.